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VLSI Design

VLSI Design Training Course in Chennai

Wiztech Automation - an IAO & ISO certified - is a premier institute for in-depth learning of VLSI, Embedded and PLC based automation systems apart from Web designing, etc. Wiztech Automation provides VLSI training courses in Chennai for engineering students and working professionals. The course covers various topics in VLSI design and verification, starting from basic concepts to advanced techniques used by the industry today. The course syllabus is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the industry by using industry standard software tools for lab and projects.

Certifications for VLSI Course Training are:
A. Certified Course - I in VLSI DESIGN 
B. Certified Course - II in VLSI DESIGN
C. Advanced Certified Course in VLSI DESIGN 
E. Graduate Diploma Course in VLSI DESIGN 
F. Post Graduate Diploma Course in VLSI DESIGN 

Verilog, VHDL, FPGA Design, ASIC Design, System Verilog (VMM, OVM, UVM), CMOS Design Basics



VLSI Training Institute in Chennai:

As a part of the course,the students will learn the fundamental constructs of VERILOG and VHDL Hardware Description Language. Learning these languages forms the first step into the world of VLSI training in Chennai. Fundamentals of FPGA technology on which hardware is realized, efficient HDL coding techniques to generate robust hardware configuration are the other essential aspects of the syllabus. Advanced performance analysis software tools such as Xilinx, Altera provides early estimate about the system performance which is very crucial in developing reliable commercial hardware. Through the detailed syllabus based VLSI Training in Chennai at Wiztech, the students could confidently step into the VLSI world to make their own creative imprints. So for a programmable VLSI technology training in Chennai, the students are welcome to Wiztech Automation, Anna Nagar, Chennai.

Wiztech Automation offers the following full time Programs:

  • FPGA / ASIC Design Training
  • Front End Design and Verification Training

FPGA / ASIC Design Training

For the best FPGA / ASIC Design training in VLSI using Modelism, Xilinx ISE Design Suite, Altera Quartus II tools, students could confidently rely on Wiztech Automation in Chennai, as the institute is well equipped, facilitated and supported by well qualified and experienced faculty members. Wiztech is therefore considered by the students and other aspiring learners as the centre offering best VLSI training in Chennai.

Course Method : Individual focus
Course Duration : 1.5 - 2 Months
Time : Any Six Hours between 9.00AM รข€“ 8.00PM
Course content : Fundamental concepts in Digital abstraction, MOSFET switch, CMOS basics,fabrication concepts, Overview of Hardware Description Language, Fundamental constructs of Verilogand VHDL Hardware Description Language, Hardware Description of Combinational logic, Sequential logic, Memories, Finite State Machines, Hierarchy, Bus interfaces and Bus fabric logic, Test bench concepts, Fundamental concepts of Synthesis, FPGA / ASIC architecture and design Flow, Synthesis tool flow, Architecture wizard and pins assignment , Global timing constraints, FPGA / ASIC design techniques, Synchronous design techniques, Synthesis techniques, Implementation options, Core generator system, Debugging pro tool. Modelsim, Xilinx ISE Design Suite / Altera Quartus II (All latest versions) are used in training. The trainees get to work on 4 to 5 projects.

Pre-requisites : Diploma/B.E/B. Tech Electrical/ Electronics or ME/ M. Tech in Electrical/ Electronics/ VLSI/Embedded.

Course Method : Individual focus
Practicals: 100% practicals
Course Duration : 2 - 3 Months
Time : Any Six Hours between 9.00AM - 8.00PM
Accommodation: Offered free to the needy students The best of Technical Featuresfor VLSI Training at Wiztech Automation:

Special VLSI Training Features at Wiztech:

  • practical hands-on training
  • Starting from Basics of Digital Electronics Training begins with a detailed introduction about Combinational Circuits,    Sequential circuits, FSM, Memory which are essential for better understanding of the VLSI Training.
  • VLSI Specification and Behavioral Description based training
  • Register Transfer Level (RTL) knowledge & Skills are included as a part of VLSI training in Chennai at WIZTECH    AUTOMATION
  • Synthesize, Floor Planning, Placement and Route learning and dumping the code - are a part of the Course Training.
  • Techniques and Key points in Physical/Layout Designing, which others exclude in syllabus, are part of the Course in    VLSI Training in Chennai at Wiztech Automation, Anna Nagar, Chennai.
  • Design & Implementation, using FPGA Practical knowledge, is included in the Course training.
  • Live and practical training in VLSI with training on designing FPGA step by step and tactics in implementing it.
  • Importing other techniques to VLSI Designing processes like Image processing, DSP designing, Power Electronics are    usually done using MATLAB.But in WIZTECH AUTOMATION VLSI Training Scheme, we include these techniques    implemented using Xilinx System Generator.
  • Wiztech Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is very clear in its vision to train and develop industrial automation and    embedded engineers and make them to suit high profile Industries in India.
  • Placement for Job opportunities
  • Free Accommodation!

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